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Hi everyone! Kumusta ka? Let me tell you my story about taking the ferry boat in Samar Province from my parents’ village to Catbalogan. I did this three times during my recent visit of two weeks back home! I wake up very early in the morning at 2 am.  I have to take my coffee and three pieces of bread in order for me not to get hungry already by the time I arrive at the ferryboat.  A lot of people do this when they are going in Catbalogan. On this day, I am traveling with my papa and cousin. I can’t take a bath for its very cold in the morning. I just have to change my clothes and make myself good in the mirror, even if I’m still tired and very sleepy.  I have to be aware of the cold, because it is also very cold at sea. The slow boat to Saugan First we are sailing for  Saugan, in the barangay of Burabod.  Then we have to take a walk down a long road going to Hapla... (more)

Too Much SOA Stress? Haha Then Come to Samar-Leyte and Relax!

Send email to my bro at if you want to know more! Maupay na aga everybody! These are local Waray Waray words to say Good Morning to you. Where I am from in Samar province Tagalog is not the first language, but we learn to speak it just as well as anyone else. Some of us also learn English, but not all. The nearest city is Tacloban, in Leyte Province, on the other side of the longest bridge in the Philippines. Many Kano know Leyte from Gen. Douglas MacArthur, who is even today a hero for people in the area. If you read my blog stories, you know that life is... (more)

Visiting Grandmother in Biliran, Leyte, Philippines

Hi everyone. I have been back in Province for a long time. No electricity there, so I cannot write until I get back to my place in the Manila area. So now I am back and I have a story to tell you. You know I have written before about the long bus trip of 20 hours there and back.  Today I want to tell you about a little trip that I took when I was in Province. We took a small boat over to Biliran island. I still call it Leyte because Biliran was part of Leyte when I was a child. I have so many cousins in Biliran in Casiawan, Cabucgayan. I always like to see them, but really am not... (more)

Fiesta of San Juan in Samar, Philippines

The Fiesta of San Juan is coming June 22 back in my province. I will be attending this year. This is a wild fiesta for three days and you will get very wet if you attend! The Fiesta of San Juan celebrates the man who was the first one to know that Jesus is the Son of God. He baptized Jesus you know, and baptized many other people. During the fiesta, people go in the ocean to get wet and they get water from the ocean to make everyone else wet. Many times I get napaka galit (very angry) when people spray water on me. But I can't fight them because it is my fault. Remember you will... (more)

My Bahay Kubo Nepa Hut in Samar, Philippines

When I was in first grade I lived on the bundok (mountain) for a year. My two bros took care of me. We are all about the same age. We lived in a little bahay kubo nepa hut that our father bought. We lived on the mountain because our father was sick and we could not live in our village back in the barrio. I don’t remember really how I got my food. I know my bros took care of me. I always loved the bundok and I still do. I love the fruits on the trees and the freedom to do what I want to do. Even today I live with one of my bros and we take care of each other. He teases me all the t... (more)