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Inday Vinyas

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I know people use the words "wealth disparity" to describe the difference beween rich and poor in the Philippines. This is something I know about. Back in the province, many people have no money at all, not even one peso. Now I live in Pampanga, close to Manila, and things are different. Life is not easy here, but some people do have work and there are many stores. There are trikes and jeeps for transportation, and there are shopping malls! Then the other day I went to visit a government agency in Makati. So I took a bus to the Araneta/Cubao station, then a taxi to Makati. The driver wanted 400 pesos. I said "no way, dude" to him in tagalog, and we finally agreed to a price of 250. After the meeting a friend and I decided to visit Glorietta Mall, which is advertised on TV and is one of the top malls in all of Asia. The people shopping there live in a different world ... (more)

Child Abuse (Abuso) in the Philippines

Let me tell you my story about my uncle when I lived in his house when I was nine years old. A long time ago I wrote about how he was very mean to me. Now I will tell how the story. When I was nine, my father became very sick with tuberculosis. He had to make the hard trip to Manila to go to hospital, 20 hours on the bus. So all  my bros and sisters had to live somewhere else. I went to live with my aunt and uncle. She is my mother's sister. They have one of the bigger houses in our barrio, and the only house with a real CR (toilet). I went to live there with my little bro Arnel ... (more)

Typhoon Ondoy (Ketsana) and Floods Hit the Philippines

I was lucky that Typhoon Ondoy did not affect my apartment. We are out in Pampanga two hours from Manila but we did not have a flood in my little neighborhood. But so many people died in this typhoon, and now the world knows what can happen in the Philippines. We get more than 20 typhoons each year and they cause many problems. Typhoon Feria back there in June damaged many houses in Samar Province where I am from. I was visiting then and it was very scary. You know we don't have a radio there or any way to know when a typhoon is coming. We just hope for the best and we know tha... (more)

Too Much SOA Stress? Haha Then Come to Samar-Leyte and Relax!

Send email to my bro at [email protected] if you want to know more! Maupay na aga everybody! These are local Waray Waray words to say Good Morning to you. Where I am from in Samar province Tagalog is not the first language, but we learn to speak it just as well as anyone else. Some of us also learn English, but not all. The nearest city is Tacloban, in Leyte Province, on the other side of the longest bridge in the Philippines. Many Kano know Leyte from Gen. Douglas MacArthur, who is even today a hero for people in the area. If you read my blog stories, you know that life is... (more)

The Roosters in Pampanga, Philippines

I think it is napakatawa (funny) when Kanos talk about the roosters here. I have heard a rooster every day of my life, so really I don’t hear them anymore. But Kamo friends say the roosters “are a sign” that they are in the Philippines. It has been so very maimit (hot) here the last week. It makes my head hurt when I walk outside, and it wakes me up early in the morning. I don’t like aircon you know, but some days the heat makes me very tamad (lazy) and I don’t want to write, I don’t even want to chat on YM I was alone in my apartment last week for one night because my bro and si... (more)