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Inday Vinyas

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We love parties in the Philippines. We get together with family and friends and throw a big party. Even if life is hard, we will find a way to get money for a great celebration. We have our holidays, of course, and every family has parties for birthdays, weddings, and other special days, even funerals. Some of the best parties are the Barangay Fiestas. A barangay is a barrio, or neighborhood, in any town or city. Barangay Fiestas last two or three days--so much dancing, and eating, and drinking Red Horse serbesa :-) I am back home in Samar province now, and I just went to the Bakhaw Fiesta. I was very very pagod (tired) after three days of eating and dancing. Yes, I drank some Red Horse too. I only would sleep three or four hours each night, because my crazy ates (aunties) woke me up every morning. I slept on the boat back home. Then I slept some more at my parents' h... (more)

Typhoon Ondoy (Ketsana) Hits the Philippines (Part 2)

The Philippines on Ulitzer I have received so many visitors to my post about Ondoy. So I want to talk a little more about the calamities in the Philippines. First, here are places you can go to help: - I mentioned this one before. - This is a newspaper website. They have a lot of information about the Ondoy Relief Drive. - Yes, they are very active here just like in the US and other places. I want to let everyone know again that this is not the only time that we have trouble in the Philippines. We have so many typhoons eve... (more)

Kurikong is Gone and I am in Province

The kurikong finally left my skin. I had it for three or four weeks. Eoww! Nasty. But now I’m better, so I decided to visit my family back in Samar Province. I left at 4am to take a bus to central Manila. Then it was a bus ride for 20 hours, no sleeping, I was very pagod (tired) when I arrived home. I made this journey with my cousin Lomie and a friend. My bro was already home coz no work for him in Pampanga. At home I can see my mom, dad, big bro, other big bro, two little bros, my other sis, and all my cousins and aunties and uncles. It is nice, but I know I will get bored so... (more)

Travel in the Philippines: The Bus to Samar

Hi to all people who want to read my story about traveling home to province! Last month I decided to visit with my family there in Samar to relax myself more. I am back here in Pampanga now to work again, coz I feel better now. It is hard to travel on the bus for two days, kasi walang tulog (because there is no sleep) for one night. My first time to travel to Pampanga, I felt so very sick for three days. I couldn’t eat, ust coffee only, and I couldn’t sleep. I always nag susuka masakit tyan ko masakit ulo ko (was always throwing up, sick to my stomach and head). I feel so kalog (ra... (more)

Wealth Disparity in the Philippines

I know people use the words "wealth disparity" to describe the difference beween rich and poor in the Philippines. This is something I know about. Back in the province, many people have no money at all, not even one peso. Now I live in Pampanga, close to Manila, and things are different. Life is not easy here, but some people do have work and there are many stores. There are trikes and jeeps for transportation, and there are shopping malls! Then the other day I went to visit a government agency in Makati. So I took a bus to the Araneta/Cubao station, then a taxi to Makati. The driv... (more)